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Uplifting and inspiring. In a maelstrom of impossible odds, a family struggles to survive the Russian Revolution, two world wars, Bolsheviks, Stalin, and Hitler. This true story traces a long journey through bombs, bullets, and famines in Prussia, Ukraine, Russia, and Germany The author explores the lives of families, Germans, Russians, Baptists, Catholics, Jewish communities and others that were caught up in these events. With annotations to the original version: The Volhynian Germans: Their Hundred-Year Story, 1843-1943. Read about the history of “Expropriation and Liquidation” in the Ukraine, and why many, even now, are willing to die for freedom in Ukraine and their long history of suffering and misery under soviet domination; understand why Ukraine’s people are now tearing down statues of Lenin and resisting a system of corruption that characterizes modern Russian life.